Warming up properly


Warming up is essential to limit injuries. Indeed, hitting the ball without warming up first is risky. Follow our drills to warm-up properly!

Warming up is essential!

Do you lose points quickly, get agitated and frustrated, or often find yourself in the wrong spot on the court? Then you might benefit from warming up before your tennis match.

To prevent these types of issues, our coach Damien Caby is offering a warm-up routine so that you feel ready from the moment you step onto the court for your training or match.

Progressive effort is the main thing to keep in mind when warming up: allow 15 to 20 minutes for warming up and try to work up a light sweat before getting on the court.

3-Step warm-up:

general (10 minutes)

Start with 10 minutes of light jogging to slowly raise your body temperature and prepare your body for the upcoming exercises.

While jogging, do arm circles forwards and backwards to also prepare your upper body.

Skipping rope can be used as an alternative to jogging. It also works your explosiveness.

Tennis specific (10 minutes)

Let's take this one step at a time!

Explosive, fast sprints during your match will put your joints through the ringer.
We'll start by warming up the joints, moving from your ankles up to the neck. We'll follow your body's natural progression.

• Ankle (one by one): toes pointed down, rotate your foot in one direction and then the other.

• Knees: feet together, place your hands on both knees and go in a circle. Repeat this movement several times, going one direction and then the other.

• Hips: let's hula-hoop! As if you have a hula hoop around your hips, rotate your pelvis in one direction and then the other.

• Wrists: bring your hands together and interlace your fingers. Rotate both hands together without forcing them too hard in any one direction. Change directions regularly.

• Elbows: place your right hand on your left elbow. Raise and lower your left forearm a dozen times. Do the same with your other hand.

Now that our joints are warmed up, let's get moving. We'll start with some movements similar to those you might use on the court. Mark out 15 meters and go back and forth while doing each movement:

• High knees

• Butt kicks

• Side shuffle

• Running with legs straight out in front, toes pointing upward

• Grapevines without twisting your upper body

• Diagonal grapevines

• Bending-Unbending.

And to wrap up, cardio!

Explosive, sudden movement is necessary to get your heart pumping: Sprint 10 to 15 meters a total of six times to increase your heart rate and get ready for your match.

Cool-down (5 minutes)

But wait! After sprinting, you may want to stretch out your muscles. But not before a tennis match! Instead, stretch your joints.

And that's it! You can start the match ready to fight for points...Now go play!

Now you are fully warmed up! You can go out and hit the ball with no worries now you've warmed up your muscles and joints!

Tennis drills: exercises for warming-up



I share tips from the Artengo team to help you up your game.

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