Tennis Trainer


Learn about tennis trainer use advice, details, and exercises

Tennis Trainer

Matthieu foissac

Product manager

Our passionate team has developed a new product to train tennis while having fun.
Thanks to its stable base and its robust and nervous elastic, the ball comes back tirelessly and allows you to challenge yourself, or work on your coordination!
Find out, with the instructions for use as well as the possible exercises in more detail below!


Want to keep practising tennis but don't have a partner to play with? This video will show you all about the Tennis Trainer and its ease of installation and use. Find out how to use this unparalleled product that will help you perfect all your strokes!


Whether a kid or an adult, find out how to stand in relation to the Tennis Trainer and how to orient your strikes.


Learn about 8 exercises to perfect your strokes and to practise alone or with a coach. Fun, interactive exercises that will help you improve your tennis techniques without even realising it!