Tennis exercises: 3-key-exercises-for-your-physical-fitness

Tennis exercises: 3 key exercises for physical fitness

Want to work on your fitness?

But want to play tennis at the same time?
Our coach suggests 3 simple, effective exercises that'll help you boost your fitness while still getting to have fun playing tennis.

In this article, you'll learn drills that will help you gain power and be more effective on the court.

Physical exercise: the figure of eight

In this exercise, you and your partner are working together to make the rally last as long as possible. One of you hits everything cross-court, while the other plays down the line in front of them. You can swap roles after five minutes.

Two to three sets will be enough to give you a really good workout. For a solid cross-court backhand, use these two exercises to improve your backhand.

Ready position drill

For this exercise, put out a cone (or ball) on either side of you in each half of the court. You're working together in this exercise too. After each stroke, touch the cone on the same side as you hit the ball, then reset yourself in the centre. Even better, try to touch both the left and right cones.

You can do two to three sets depending on how fit you are. Check out our training programme: get fit in 4 weeks.

The windscreen wiper

In this exercise, you're working as partners once again. Alternate between hitting the ball to the left and right. Your partner should return the ball to the centre.
The longer the rally lasts, the more you'll get out of it physically. You can change roles after five minutes.

Do two to three sets each depending on how fit you are.

So now you're physically fit enough to take to the court, but don't forget that tennis is also about what's in your head… 

Now it's time to get out there and try the drills yourself! Go on and hit the court! Have fun!

Tennis drills: 3 key drills for your physical conditioning



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