Tennis Technique: running forehand stroke

Tennis technique: running forehand stroke

Watch our video and learn how to hit an open stance forehand stroke on the run with Nicolas and Damien.

A running forehand is a stroke you pull out as last-ditch attempt to save a point! It just might keep you from losing a match point, so it's a good shot to have in your bag! 

Video of the running forehand stroke

As tennis games become faster, players have to play balls that are nearly out of reach and difficult to hit.

Open stance running shots are popular among good players, even if they are less accurate and require more energy.

In fact, with this shot you have an extra step to get into position and another for returning to a starting position, which is an enormous advantage against your opponent.

Now you've got all the details on how to pull off this stroke! It's time to hit the court and try out your running forehand during your next match!

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