Drills: The serve

Our coaches have come up with four simple drills to help you improve your serve and make it a genuine weapon. Click here...

The serve

What shot could be more important than the serve? It can win you a lot of cheap points and working on it regularly can really pay dividends. A few little drills shouldn't be too much to ask for such an important part of your game. 

Tennis drills: The serve

DRILL 1: Accuracy.

Objective: accuracy.

There's nothing like putting some targets down in the service box for working on your accuracy. 

This very simple drill involves hitting sets of ten serves at a single target. You should aim to land seven of your ten serves in the box, with three of them hitting the target. 

Do the drill three times, with one target in the T, one in the middle of the service box, and another out wide.

If one of the targets is too hard for you to hit, then try to hit a certain area instead. 

Drill 2: Accuracy. (Match)

Objective: win cheap points with your serve.

This drill involves playing for points with an opponent. Start by allocating a certain number of points to parts of the service box. 

For example, if you hit the T and you win the point, you score three points. If you serve at your opponent and you win the point, you score only one point. 

Once you've worked out the point allocations, you can start playing. For games like this, you should play ten-point tie-breaks. 

Little bonus: You can deduct points for double faults ;) It'll add a little extra spice to your match.

Tennis drills: The serve
Tennis drills: The serve

DRILL 3: Leg push

Objective: Work on your leg push.

The leg push is such an important part of serving that you really need to focus on getting it right without the ball. That's why this is a ball-free drill!

Stand in your serve position, to one side of the centre mark. 

Try a serve without the ball, pushing yourself as far forward as you can and then stopping after you complete the shot. Mark the spot where you end up. 

Do a set of ten serves without the ball and try to reach that stopping point every time. 

Drill 4: Serve toss and leg push.

Join our two coaches for a session that involves working on your serve toss, leg push, and your percentage of successful serves. 

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