The volley

Tennis drills: the volley

To up your volley game, our coaches have put together a training programme to improve your volleying skills and help you conquer your fear of the net. Learn how to add this handy shot to your arsenal! Try our drills…

You don't have to be on a grass court to score points with a volley! To up your volley game, our coaches have put together a training programme to improve your volleying skills and help you conquer your fear of the net. Learn how to add this handy shot to your arsenal! Try our drills…

Tennis drills: The volley

Drill 1: volley - volley

Goal: Work on the consistency of your volley and control. 

Both players face each other on the service line. The drill is very easy, because you have to volley back and forth. 

Both players should volley the ball back as they move towards each other. 

Once near the net, move back again as you continue volleying. 

Do this drill for five minutes. 

Drill 2: reverse volleys

Goal: Getting your leg position right when volleying. 

Player 1 volleys.

Player 2 stands at the back of the court and hits balls slightly to the right and left of player 1. 

Player 1 must volley back all balls landing to their right (for right-handed players) with a backhand stroke. They must move to get into the proper position and come back to the centre of the court after the volley. 

For the other side, player 1 must volley back a forehand instead of a backhand. 

Do this drill for three minutes fast. 

Tennis drills: The volley

Drill 3: punch, drive and smash volleys.

Goal: do all three volley types one after the next.

Player 1 stands two metres behind the service line. 

Player 2 stands in the back court area and hits a long, high shot. 

Player 1 hits a long, low punch volley. 

Player 2 returns the volley with a ball that falls behind the net. 

Player 1 sends a low, drive volley. 

Player 2 returns an easy high ball. 

Player 1 attacks with a smash to end the point. 

The players switch roles. Repeat the drill. 

Do this drill for 5 minutes. Then trade roles. 

Drill 4: volley reflex.

Goal: stop being afraid of getting caught out / practise the block volley / improve your concentration

Player 1 should be ready and waiting to receive. 

Player 2 should be on the court and hit the ball hard straight towards Player 1. They should hit 4 to 6 hard balls in a row straight on. 

Player 1 should attack the ball to block it while staying ready to move back into place for the next shot. 

Hit 4 to 6 balls in a row, 5 times. 

Tennis drills: The volley

Drill 5: guardian of the zone (match)

Goal: defend a zone and not miss any volley shot that enters. 

Player 1 should be in a marked-out zone. There should be two metres around them. 

This zone should be defended at all costs. 

Player 2 puts the ball in play. 

Player 2, if he gets a ball past Player that falls into the zone without Player 1 hitting it earns two points. If they win the point but commit a fault, they earn one point.

If Player 2 sends a shot outside of the zone, no points are scored. 

Player 1 must stay in place and try to score on a good ball. 

The game is over at 10 points. The players then switch roles.

You're now armed and ready to work on your volleying skills! Do these drills and show off your new skills during a match!! Happy training!

Tennis drills: The volley



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