Aiming shots isn't always easy.


And yes! Getting the ball to land on the line requires much more than just aiming at it. You know as well as we do that it's much more complicated than that... So read on for a few tips!

Tennis skills: how to hit a cross-court backhand stroke

Grip and stance for a cross-court backhand

Whether you use one or two hands, the cross-court backhand stroke can be broken down as follows:

Grip: Use a semi-open grip to get great spin and a downward ball trajectory. This grip makes it easier to hit cross-court.

Stance and shoulders: Getting your stance down is a must if you want to hit the ball in the right direction with a bit of power.

Tennis skills: how to hit a good cross-court backhand stroke

Nail the contact point and shift your weight properly for a good cross-court backhand

Contact point: A contact point in front of your shoulders is the most effective option when hitting a cross-court backhand stroke.

If you hit the ball late and therefore behind your shoulders, your only option is to hit in front of you down the line.

Your body is an obstacle to the flow of your movement. It is therefore important to hit the ball on the rise and in front of you.

Shifting your weight: Once you hit the backhand early and with good shoulder rotation, you should finish the movement by shifting your weight forwards and in the direction you're aiming at.
The shot's power and impact will be stronger than ever!

And that's it, put these tips to use and you can hit incredible cross-court shots and put your opponent in the hot seat!

Now get back to playing!

Tennis skills: how to hit a cross-court backhand stroke

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