Tennis skills: How to hit a two-handed backhand stroke

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The two-handed backhand is one of the shots that can turn the match around. If you handle it with precision and power, this shot will be an ideal weapon to win the point.

Hitting a two-handed backhand

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Today we're going to show you how to hit the backhand in tennis. It's an essential shot in tennis and it's a lot harder to master than the forehand.

A lot of players have great forehands but often struggle with their backhands. A lot of matches can be won by following this simple but effective tip: play on your backhand. I recommend you watch and study two or three really well played backhands.

First up, your stance is very important when it comes to striking the ball as your balance will depend on it. There are two preferred stances for the backhand: A neutral stance for balls down the middle. A semi-open stance for wider balls.

Before we start talking about body shape, let's discuss the grip. The best grip for the dominant arm is the hammer grip or semi-Western grip. The ready position you adopt between each shot will allow you to move equally fast to your forehand and backhand side. When you start processing information about your opponent's shot you need to get your shoulders in position first of all, with your arms moving with the racket until it is parallel to the backboard of the court.

Your body weight should be on your front foot. You then relax your wrist to allow the racket head to move down to below the level of the ball so that you can hit up on it.The delayed action of the racket head in relation to the wrist generates speed when striking the ball. The point of contact, which is when the racket head hits the ball, should be ahead of the front foot and at hip level. The arms should not be overly extended and should remain as loose as possible. They should follow through in the direction of the shot and be as relaxed as possible.

You now have everything you need to play a great two-handed backhand.

Tennis skills: Hitting a two-handed backhand

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