Perfecting your offensive backhand

Here are a few keys to an offensive backhand! Start here...

Can a backhand be offensive?

For many players, it's a neutral shot that can best rebuff your opponent - at the worst, it simply returns the ball to the court.

However, even if offensive backhands are difficult to perform, this makes them even more surprising and can turn them into a formidable weapon.

Offensive backhand: "should i shift or not? »

Do you want to shift when a high ball arrives? That's normal, but is it really the right time? Your backhand could make the difference.

But be careful of "fluffy" balls with no speed or weight, don't rush in!

Go for a long, precise topspin backhand (see "Topspin backhand") to get a more consistent ball that will allow you to attack.

Accelerating a high ball, above your shoulder, with a backhand is extremely complicated, since you must often do a jumping backhand where it's difficult to put weight and speed into the ball. (See "jumping backhand”). So wait for a more suitable ball.

When do you hit an offensive backhand?

An offensive backhand is done on a ball at hip height with an average speed and that falls within the service boxes. It's the perfect time to attack!

Place yourself correctly ("get on the court"), think about your technique (see "improving your backhand ") and try to find a more precise target than your previous shots with a ball trajectory that's tighter and therefore closer to the net (between 30 and 50 cm above).

If your offensive backhand is good and "hurts" your opponent, then come finish your point on a volley (check out our video "improving your volley ").

Patience, timing, and intention will make your offensive backhand a formidable and surprising weapon!

Tennis skills: how to do a good offensive backhand



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