Tennis skills: how-to-hit-the-perfect-lob

Tennis skills: how to hit the perfect lob

The lob is a very precise defensive play.Watch our video to get all our tips on how to improve your lob for your next tennis match. This tennis shot may not be the easiest to master, but it's oh so effective!

The lob is a shot that can completely change your game. When your opponent comes to the net, you can hit a lob back and get the jump on them. 

Pulling off a great lob shot

If it's too short, it'll make your opponent look good and give them a confidence boost. If it's too long, it's really annoying as there was enough space.

So how do you hit the perfect lob, whether backhand or forehand?

That's the question Nicolas Escudé and Damien Caby answer here.

After this video, your lobs will always hit home! 

Watch the video on how to hit the perfect lob: 

The lob is a counter-attack shot.

It can be hit as an aggressive lifted or defensive slice shot:

- A lifted lob is an offensive shot where the ball quickly falls back down due to the spin.
- The slice lob is a defensive shot where you hit a very high ball to give yourself time to get back into position.

Both lob techniques are counter-attack shots, especially when playing outdoor tennis. Being able to hit a good lob is a must today!

Now you know everything you need to hit a lob and can apply Damien Caby and Nicolas Escudé's tips to use this shot during your next match!

Tennis skills: how to hit the perfect lob



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