Tennis Wall

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Easy to use and designed for everyone, the Artengo Tennis Wall is a real game changer when it comes to tennis training.

Tennis Wall

Matthieu Foissac

Product leader

Tennis coaches have been asking us for years to come up with products that help make their lessons fun and help children play the game more easily, without any down time.
Walls are one such teaching resource. The problem is, a lot of wall surfaces aren't suitable and the ball does not always come back the same way.
That’s why we’ve come up with the "Tennis Wall", a product that is mobile, very easy to use and offers a repeatable bounce off its two faces.
The Tennis Wall allows coaches to set up any number of drills for one or more players, of all levels, to achieve a range of learning objectives and help them improve their game.
Easy to carry and put away, it can also be used anywhere as an individual training resource.

A whole host of technologies in one product.

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