How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

How to choose your tennis bag?

Which bag is right for you? Which bag is the best one for your rackets? Will a travel cover be enough? There are so many different tennis bag options, let us help you with your choice!

When choosing your tennis cover or bag, you'll need to think about the way you get to and from the court and the volume you need.

The bags

Artengo has three types of tennis bags based on modes of transport and volumes.


    Tc racket cover bag

    Perfect for beginner players: our cover bags will protect your racket and make it easy to carry!


    100Bp backpack

    A backpack is easier to carry than a classic tennis bag, making it a great option for young players or those who get around on a bike.


    960 L tennis bag

    These bags come in different sizes so you can carry all the kit you need: rackets, balls, a towel, accessories, extra clothes and more. These bags often come with different carrying options (backpack straps, shoulder strap, handles).

How to choose your tennis bag?

960Bp backpack

Players looking for a backpack to protect and carry their rackets and a full outfit.
This Artengo backpack was designed for tennis and has a rigid insulated compartment. It can hold up to two tennis rackets. You can easily pack all your sports kit. 

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Adrien magnier

Bag product manager

Tennis players need to carry and protect their rackets and various kit to and from the court. Our range of Artengo bags was designed to make it convenient for getting where you need to go.

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