Weight transfer

Weight transfer

Weight transfer: moving your body forward.


Two players pass the ball to each other like in rugby. They should stand behind a line and have to move forward to cross the line.

- The player can move in front of the line only after the ball is released. They should move forward, keeping one foot in front of the other.
- Use an open and closed stance when hitting a forehand.
- Use a closed stance when hitting a backhand.

Drill 1

Same drill as during the warm-up, but this time the player has to cross all the lines (there are three lines: the baseline, an imaginary line 1 m in front of the baseline line and the service line).

Level up: Do the same with a racket with three consecutive strokes.

To make learning easier, you can alternate between the basic exercise and the more difficult exercise.

The goal is to learn through repetition.

Drill 2

Partner: Player 1 plays in the alley. Player 2 should transfer their weight as soon as the ball allows it.

Level up: Player 2 should go to the net once they've transferred their weight.

Added difficulty: Stand on a diagonal, and as soon as player 2 has a good shot, they should transfer their weight forward, change direction and go to the net.

Swap positions every 5 points. 
No match (partner drill).


Objective: get the players to move forward. The player can score points only if they have both feet on the court.

Unlike the previous drill, the aim is to encourage, not force, the player to transfer their weight.

Play to 10 points.

Learning to transfer your weight properly is just a matter of practice!

Weight transfer

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