Inspired by the power,
technicality and performance
of jet fighters, the TR990
series is the weapon
to develop your
offensive play.

Spin concept technology

The 12 central mains strings benefit from double eyelets.
The strings are feer and thier movements amplified.
More amplitude for a tenfold effect !

MPO Concept

The weight distribution of the racket is optimized to obtain an incomparable handling / stability compromise.
Thanks to the MPO concept, manufacturing tolerances are reduced by 40%, especially for balance and weight. Racquets that are closer to each other in terms of their technical characteristics, for identical playing sensations, whatever the frame used.

High modulus carbon

Very high quality carbon which forms the frame of the racket. Increased resistance, maximum efficiency, at the service of performance.

  • TR990 Power Lite

  • TR990 Power

  • TR990 Power pro

  • TR990 Power pro+


  • 270g
  • 285g
  • 300g
  • 300g


  • 32cm
  • 32,5cm
  • 32cm
  • 32cm


  • 645cm2
  • 645cm2
  • 645cm2
  • 645cm2


  • 66RA
  • 69RA
  • 70RA
  • 70RA


  • SW=250
  • SW=265
  • SW=280
  • SW=295

String Pattern

  • 16x19
  • 16x19
  • 16x19
  • 16x19


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