Tennis and travelling

Tennis and travelling

How to discover new tennis courts and play your favourite sport when travelling abroad

Tennis is a popular sport the world over. If you're passionate about tennis, you probably want to play even when travelling. You'll likely be able to find a court where you can play a little - or a lot.
Here are a few tips to find a nearby court when you're on the road! 

1. Go online

When you're searching for a tennis court, the first place to go is the internet. You can start by looking for clubs or local facilities in the area where you'll be staying.
Local tourist office websites are also a great way to find information.
You can also do some digging on social media. Today, with apps like TikTok and Instagram, searches are even faster and more up to date than the web.

2. Ask your hotel

Your hotel is a perfect source of information about local tennis facilities. You could also consider booking a room at a hotel with its own court. 

3. Ask the locals

One of the easiest things that many people don't think to do is ask a local if they know of any tennis courts in the area. You never know - you just might end up talking to someone who knows all the best spots, and they could even share some great tips on other gems to visit during your stay! 

4. Book ahead

If you want to avoid disappointment, booking ahead is a good idea. Call the club or tourist office before you leave to see if it's possible to book a court as a visitor or if you sign up for private lessons. And booking ahead is a definite must if you're travelling during high season. 

You can play tennis and travel the world - the two aren't mutually exclusive! Just remember to plan ahead. It's never too late to see if there are tennis courts located near where you'll be staying. One last tip: you can also book a hotel that's near a tennis court.

Tennis and travelling

Simon Laloyaux