Strike in front of you and to the sides

Strike in front of you and to the sides

Check out several tips and techniques so you can really improve in tennis

Drill 1 

The players are standing still and sideways, they have to make rugby passes by dropping the ball in front of the lines in front of them. They keep their feet behind the line. 

Objective: have the child feel where the ball is coming out of their hands.

Drill 2

The drill is split into 2 workshops:

Workshop 1: The player is stopped, he puts his feet in the hoops behind the baseline.
They must drop their ball into a hoop placed in front of the line.

Workshop 2: The coach sends a ball by hand, the player has to hit the ball in front of the line and find a crossing area.
Their bearings must be behind the line.

Please note: If the player does not hit in front, it's because they prepare their shot too late. In this case, it's necessary to concentrate on the preparation of the gesture in order to hit the ball as early as possible.

The workshops are to be performed with forehand and backhand.

Drill 3

The player plays in partnership with the coach and must stay behind the baseline (you can tell the child that there is water in front of the line). If the ball is too short they can wait several bounces before striking. The player always aims to hit, racket in front of the line and crosswise.

The players take it in turns. 
1 point if the player hits in front of them and to the sides against the coach.

Drill 4

Player 1 receives a cross ball, they must hit the ball in front of the line while staying behind it.
Player 2 must do the same on the ball received by player 1. 

Points are played in partnership between the 2 players.

Please note: If the ball is too short, the player can move forward but they must always meet the objectives which are: to hit the ball in front of them, aiming for the sides.

Guided match

The player must serve on the diagonal then the point begins (underhand serve).

The match is played in 10 points and the serve is rotated every 2 points.

Strike in front of you and to the sides

Romain Cohen Solal


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