Slice serve

Slice serve

Discover some tips on how to do the perfect slice serve


The players hit to each other overhead from either side of the net, without moving.

Drill 1 

Objective: hit the ball from left to right.

The player stands on the service box line. They hit the ball so that it lands in the left-hand part of their opponent's service box, making it pass to the left of the post.

Once they've done this successfully, they can move 1 to 2 metres behind the service box to make their ball go further.

Note: the player should stay diagonally opposite, on the right.

Drill 2

Player 1 slice serves to drag their opponent off the court. 
Player 2 lets themselves be dragged right to a given point. 

The point stops after the return.

Drill 3

Same exercise, but play the point after the return. 

Match to 10 points. 

Ace = 3 points.
Service winner = 2 points.

Rotate at the end of each match.

Slice serve

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