Learn how to serve correctly with the trophy position


1- Two players hit a ball over the net. Each player must have their elbow at a right angle, assume a profile stance, with feet planted at the moment of the serve.

2- Variant: The players may make their opponent move; they must always stick to a profile stance, feet planted, and a "trophy" position.

Drill 1 

The players have several levels: First, serving in the trophy position; if successful, they can move to the next level by adding targets in front of them.
They always start with a profile stance, trophy position, and feet planted.

1 target hit = 1 point.

Variant: Start serving in the correct starting position, lower and raise the arms before striking the ball.

Drill 2

The player must successfully complete each level while following the technical objectives listed in the previous exercise. After the ball is served, the point is played diagonally in 1 vs 1.

Easier variant: The players face each other.
Harder variant: Start in the correct position for serving.

The match

7 point tie break.

Player 1 serves.

The player earns 1 point if they win the point normally, plus 1 bonus point if they had the correct trophy position.

Player 2 returns the serve.

The players rotate after finishing the match.

So there are some exercises to work on your serve in the trophy position! Let's go! 


Romain Cohen Solal

DEJEPS State Certified Coach

My passion is, naturally, tennis! But it's more than just for the game itself; my passion is to train kids to play and see them grow and improve all throughout their playing career! Together with Artengo, I'm pleased to share some incremental training exercises to help young people improve their game.