Serve: changing directions.

Serve: changing directions.

Work on technique using the orientation of the mat and the trophy position. Tactics and changes of direction


Both players are face to face, they can volley the ball while alternating between different zones.

The zones: One volleys diagonally while the other hits along the sides.

Note: Each player must follow through on the swing and finish with their arm pointing in the direction of the target zone.

Drill 1 

Player 1 has three levels (indicated by three hoops placed closer and closer to the net). To pass a level, the player must hit a target (goals are cones placed to the right and the left relative to the centre of the court). The player starts in a serve stance.
There are two targets on the other side of the net; player 2 is the "goalkeeper" of these two targets and with each volley moves back to the centre of the court.

Note: The serving player must orient their racket head in the desired direction, and player 2 is the "goalkeeper".

Easier variant: remove the net.
Harder variant: raise the net.

Drill 2

Same exercise, but player 2 may now return the ball, and the point is played as usual.
The server must alternate their serves between target 1 and target 2.

Play 7 point matches with the players rotating after each match.

Bonus: 1 extra point every two serves if the server successfully alternates between zone 1 and zone 2.

Note: remove the levels.

The match

10-point super tie break.

Each player serves twice, once to the right then to the left. Points are counted normally, but if a player makes two serves in a row in both diagonal spots they receive an extra bonus point.

Rotate servers every two points.

Serve: changing directions.

Romain Cohen Solal

DEJEPS State Certified Coach

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