Serve: ball throwing and balance

Serve: ball throwing and balance

Check out drills and tips to develop the child's ball throwing and balance

Ball throwing is directly linked to balance. If the player throws the ball badly, you're likely to hit in motion and thus cause a fault.


The player is behind a marker that contains a hoop. They have to throw the ball into the hoop and drop it into another hoop that is positioned just below it. The player themselves is positioned in a hoop, so they must try to throw the ball with their arm stretched forward without leaving the hoop.

Note 1: The ball throw depends on the moment of release: if the player releases the ball early, it goes forward. If they release it late, it goes backwards.
Note 2: Don't throw too high, as the ball will be lighter when it falls.

Drill 1 

Player 1 (on the side of the court/workshop) must throw the ball as in the warm-up. They must repeat the gesture with their arm outstretched without moving their feet.
Player 2 (on the court) must serve in a trophy position with the arm outstretched. They are not allowed to come out of the hoop. 

Rotation between players every 3 serves.

More difficult variant: Ask player 2 to synchronise the throw and run-up of the serve.

Drill 2

Player 1 serves without the hoop at his feet, he must serve while being well balanced in the opponent's box. The point is played... 

A 7-point match with a change of serve after each point.

If the player wins normally = 1 point.
If the player wins with a good, balanced ball throw = 1 bonus point.

The match

The players play a tie break match with a serve in 10 points.

Here are several drills for you to work on your ball throwing and balance on serve - time to play!

Serve: ball throwing and balance

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