Returning the second serve

Returning the second serve

Returning the second serve is an opportunity you should make the most of. Here's how to do it.


The players hit to each other overhead from either side of the net, without moving.

Drill 1

Objective on technique: Footwork on the court / Forward weight transfer / Tactical weight transfer by zone.

Player 1 hits second serves. Player 2 moves forward on the court and transfers their weight forward after returning the ball. 

- Focus on the cross-court zone, then hitting straight on, so the player can get the hang of returning.
- They have to change cross-court angles in the same way.
- The point is over when they return the serve.

Drill 2

Do the same drill, but the point is played after the return of service. 
The returning player can play wherever they want.
The server only serves second serves.

Level up: The returning player has to go to the net after returning the ball.

Winning return: 2 points.
Play to 10 points.

Now you're ready to get out there and work on second serve returns! The goal: to put the point away as quickly as possible without making a mistake.

Returning the second serve

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