Decathlon started a new brand which is Artengo for all the rackets sports : Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Padel and Squash for the main sports. A new start which allows our conception teams to be more precise and more relevant in the creation of our new products.

Between our user and Artengo, something special began. Some good talks allow the brand to stay for a long time in this industry.

Some nice victories built with our sport community.

But Decathlon doesn’t want to stop it at this point, and this is with a beautiful motivation that Artengo takes another way !


Artengo became the exclusive tennis brand of Decathlon.

Artengo wants to offer a kind of product that is very well adapted. It’s why our conception team was concentrated just on tennis products.

Designers, engineers, product managers, model makers are always listening and watching all of the tennis players men as women. The result : an offer very complete which answers what needs every player.

From the racket to the textil, with the shoes, bagage, socks and even the accessory, you can find everything in the goal to give you a big pleasure when you are playing tennis.



In the same way as Decathlon, Artengo has true values, strong values, from the conception of each product to all of the actions on the field.

Humility, by listening everyday, trying to know what’s going on in the tennis industry, having a good lucidity on the work that we have to reach our goal which is to create the best products for you.

Responsability, we know our role that we have for the well being and accessibility to all. We are still working on this topic, every single day.

Authenticity, an essential value which is a big action here thanks to the transparency with our clients and ourselves.

Generosity, being here for everyone in all situations. Give the best that we can to satisfact our clients, our users.