How do you choose your sports socks?

How do you choose your tennis socks?

Artengo tennis socks are designed for tennis, from beginners to experts. They are designed to match the intensity of your movement regardless of your level of play.

Socks, for tennis and everyday life

Designed for tennis, with a high cotton content, our Artengo sports socks are designed to withstand intense movement during your game.

- If your movements are slow and gentle, the sock is thinner with sufficient support and protection of the friction zones.
- Conversely, the faster, more intense and vigorous your movements, the thicker your sock will be, with a very strong foot and ankle support.

The Artengo socks also have the distinction of being cotton rich, they are particularly soft and comfortable, and are often used as much for sport as for everyday life, the thickness of the sock being a major criterion of choice, thick socks for winter, thin socks for summer. The constraints of tennis, for which Artengo socks are designed, are also a guarantee of their resistance in daily use.

Our Artengo socks protect your feet, so you can be as comfortable in your tennis shoes as you are in your everyday shoes.

Sock height, an aesthetic and/or practical choice

The sock length can be a seasonal choice to keep you warmer or cooler, but it is mainly an aesthetic choice.
That's why we offer socks with three different lengths.

Information: Some of our low-cut socks have a small tab at the back of the heel, which prevents the sock from slipping down into the shoe, and also prevents blisters. We call this tab the"edge". This type of low-cut sock is used more for sports.

  • How do you choose your sports socks?

    Low cut socks

    Sometimes called invisible, it reaches below the ankle and is often hidden by the top of the shoe. It protects the foot while giving the impression that you are barefoot in your shoes.

  • How do you choose your tennis socks?

    Medium-sized socks

    Called medium-high or mid, it reaches 2 to 3 centimetres above the ankle, which is a good compromise between winter and summer.

  • How do you choose your sports socks?

    High socks

    This is the traditional tennis player's sock. It reaches the calf, and when not used for sports, it has the advantage of being warmer.

Criteria for choosing an artengo sock

The sock is often the last item of clothing to be chosen, it is often forgotten and little considered. A sock, apart from being aesthetically pleasing and stylish, is nevertheless a very technical product which rises in quality based on three criteria: comfort, support and strength.


It is of course provided by the material, cotton being one of those particularly pleasant natural fibres. The thickness of the sock, depending on how it is woven, and the loops present, will make you feel like you are in a soft cocoon. The thinner zones, often made of mesh, also allow perspiration to evacuate so that the foot stays dry.
Flat imperceptible seams also provide a lot of comfort.


It is very important, as it prevents the sock from twisting around in the shoe, around your foot, or the leg from falling down all the time. A twisted sock is a sock that wrinkles, which can lead to discomfort and often blisters. The support is provided by the elastics in the sock, which can be found in the middle of the foot, in one part of the foot only, such as the ankle, or even encompass the entire foot so that the sock fits snugly and perfectly to your foot.
The elastane in the sock provides the necessary elasticity so that your socks do not split, for example when putting them on or removing them.


Over time so that the sock lasts, but also resistance to repeated rubbing in your shoe. This is achieved by adding various synthetic materials such as polyamide or polyester, and/or doubled or tripled cotton threads to your sock. These reinforcements are positioned in three specific areas of your sock: the heel, the tip (around the toes), and under the sole of the foot. These are the areas where friction is greatest, and where the toenails are located.
The thickness of your sock also adds resistance, especially in the areas where the terrycloth provides extra thickness in the friction zones.

Aesthetics and style

These are also important criteria for choosing a sock. We offer very classic coloured socks, which can be found in sports as well as in everyday life: white socks, black socks, grey socks, and navy blue socks.
But our Artengo socks can also be found with pastel or other colours, patterns, stripes, or even a little writing.
As you can see, high, medium or low-cut, classic or coloured, decorated or not, our Artengo socks are there to please you and protect your feet.

Artengo socks for all ages and all feet

  • How do you choose your sports socks? (duplicate)


    The Artengo children's sock is available in sizes 9C to 5, with three sizes: 9C/11.5C, 12C/1½ and 2½/5. 

    Concerning this last size, the 2½/5, it is important to specify that a child's foot is narrower, so the child's sock in 2½/5 is narrower, and may not be suitable for an adult who will find it too tight or too small.

  • How do you choose your sports socks? (duplicate)


    The adult sock, men's and/or women's sock, is available from 2½ to 14, with four sizes available: 2½/5, 5½/8, 9/11 and 12/14. 

    We wanted to provide the size 12/14 because few brands offer socks with such a large size, and we know that it is very complicated for people with such feet to find socks to enjoy their sport, especially tennis.

How do you choose your sports socks? (duplicate)

Care and washing of your artengo socks

We recommend washing at 40°C, and we do not recommend using a tumble dryer, as a tumble dryer has a minimum temperature of 55°C, and this is often much higher, which amounts to washing your socks at high temperature. Why should socks be washed at 40°C? because your socks contain elastic. And these tend to "heat up" and become brittle at too high a temperature. After several washes, the sock becomes stiff and unpleasant to the touch, or worse, the elastic breaks and the sock has no support.

We also recommend that you use a special bag to wash your socks, so that you don't lose any in the washing machine and end up with orphan socks.

You now have all the information you need to choose your sports socks and get the most out of them.Choosing the right pair of socks for your game is just as important as choosing your tennis racket, shoes or balls.Without the right socks, your level of enjoyment on the court will not be at its peak.
Don't hesitate to vary the colours and the height of your favourite models!