Hitting the ball into open space

Hitting the ball into open space

Discover the tips that will help you develop and improve your tennis.


  1. 1 Drill 1
  2. 2 Match

Drill 1

Use markers to create a football pitch.

Player 1 places a white ball on a marker and tries to score a goal.
They hit five forehands and five backhands

towards a goal defended by Player 2.

Players swap over after 10 shots.

Variation: perform the drill with two goals, giving Player 2 a larger area to cover.


Set up a goal on each side of an imaginary court. The players defend their goal as best they can.

First to seven points wins.

Tennis is a game of precision that involves a lot of legwork. The first educational drill allows children to work on their shots and to defend against each other. Players attack and defend according to the match situation.

Hitting the ball into open space

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