Learn all about footwork in tennis thanks to this complete training session. Learn techniques and tips that will help you improve your game.


  1. 1 Drill 1
  2. 2 Penalty
  3. 3 Match

Drill 1 

The players face the coach, hopping up and down. The coach throws a ball at them. The players have to jump at the right time and catch the ball in a large upturned cone. After catching the ball, the players put it on the head of their racket.


Player 1 has to try and score past Player 2,
who hops about and does a split step as soon as Player 1 touches the ball.

The players swap over after five shots.


The coach uses four cones to create an imaginary tennis court.

The two players stay on their toes and do a split step every time their opponent hits the ball.
If the players follow the instructions correctly, let them carry on and have a match. First to 10 points wins.

The return position and split step are techniques that need to be learned at a very early stage in tennis. They are the basics of the game.Tennis is a sport that starts with the legs!


Romain Cohen Solal

State-qualified tennis coach

My passion? Tennis! But more than anything else, I have a passion for coaching children and watching them develop throughout their sporting careers.I'm going to share Artengo's evolutionary training sessions with you so your juniors can take their game to the next level.