Differentiating the sides of the head

Differentiating the sides of the head

The importance of managing the grip on the racket from childhood


1- The player must juggle a balloon while standing still, alternating between the back and the palm of the hand.

2- The player performs the same juggling while moving.

3- Two players playing as partners juggle a ball. Without a net.


1- The players must pass the ball to each other by alternating strikes with both sides of the racket head (the sides can be colour coded to help the player).

2- The players perform the same drill but this time against each other.

Variant for game 2: the players can stop the ball without retreating.

The match

Free play match.

If the child uses the wrong side for the strike, they lose the point.

It's a 7-point match.

Differentiating the sides of the head



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