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Technologies and specs for Artengo clothing

Clothing technologies at Artengo
Clothing technologies at Artengo


What is a seamless product?

We designed certain products with a SEAMLESS technique, which is an innovative knit method that avoids the need for seams.

The advantages for you: no discomfort or irritation, no matter the intensity of your matches or training sessions; basically, absolute comfort!

Ball carrying

We developed leggings and shorts for all women who like to play tennis in leggings and haven't yet found a ball carrying solution that is both practical and feminine.

The specially designed belt allows:

- right-handed players to store 2 balls with their left hand
- left-handed players to store 2 balls with their right hand.

Once you learn the motion, it is very easy to move balls in and out of the waistband.

Clothing technologies at Artengo


In 2019, the 1st leggings with ball carrying are offered for playing in winter, available in black and graphic versions. A patent is filed in France to protect the solution.

In 2020, the corsair also arrives to be worn in half season.

In 2021, the patent is obtained and the solution is now exclusive to Artengo products.

All our products are designed for the practice of tennis and guarantee players a complete freedom of movement. The components and the constructions are chosen so that the products are extensible and do not block the gestures of the players, despite their extreme amplitude.

In addition, most of our tops have a specific cutout on the side to guarantee even easier access to the pockets of shorts and trousers.

Clothing technologies at Artengo


Our SOFT products use components of natural origin for greater softness and comfort while playing tennis.


Our designers rigorously select components with properties of breathability, perspiration wicking, quick drying and lightness. DRY and DRY+ products allow tennis players to stay dry for as long as possible, despite high temperatures, all for optimal performance.

Clothing technologies at Artengo
Clothing technologies at Artengo


By virtue of their structure and their components, our so-called THERMIC products guarantee tennis players a supply of warmth and breathability which allows them to play in complete comfort, even when the temperatures are low. The cold won't stop you from playing!


This visor, patented in 2021, 100% exclusive to Artengo, absorbs and blocks perspiration on the forehead so that it does not run into the eyes.

Explanation of the concept in this video :